Nu Wave Oven Recipe

This is Jimmy Jesters’ Tennessee Air Fried Chicken. My friend Jimmy is one of the best cooks I have ever met in my life. I asked him to give me a recipe for Fried Chicken and was surprised at how well the Nu Wave Oven cooks Air Fried Chicken.

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  1. Thanks for this recipe. I Hate frying chicken and am receiving an infrared oven today. Cannot wait to try.

  2. this is the ONLY recipie for Nu Wave oven chicken on the internet , thanks for uploading!!

  3. I tell you no lie… this honestly was one of the best meals I\\\’ve ever eaten.

    I had thin pork chops, after cooked they were so moist and juicy, cooked to perfection.

    I marinated them, per their recipe.. also made relish

    I fixed mixed veges, marinated them same way.. Both soaked about 2 hours to get flavor in.

    I cooked vegies 5 minutes first, then put pk chops on 4\\" grill above vegies. Moist, tender, fabulous.

    My vegies cooked total of 15 minutes. After starting pk chops, I turned them @ 5 min and cooked another 5 minutes.

    I can\\\’t wait to do steak. It also says it hydrates fruits, meats, and air-fries chicken, fish, etc. What an experience.

  4. I sure wish there were written instructions for this recipe. I’ve made it twice but each time had to go to my computer (in another room) 3-4 times in order to complete it. I guess my memory isn’t that good anymore. It would be great to just print it out and keep it in the kitchen. Best chicken I’ve ever eaten!!!

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