Decoding NuWave Oven Model Numbers?

Decoding NuWave Oven Model Numbers

I researched these for days before I was satisfied that I understood what these numbers meant. I thought I’d share them to make other people’s searches easier. The NuWave website doesn’t break this down anywhere. I can’t think of a better place to put this info than here~

20322 & 20326
Black Digital Pro that includes the bonus kit (extender ring, baking pan, 2″ rack)
This is the best one… and btw, the “normal” best price place online was not the best price this time. I could not find any difference between these two part numbers.

White Digital Pro basic that includes the extender ring, no extra rack or baking pan.

Black Digital Pro with no accessories.

White Analog Pro with complete accessory package. I was initially looking for this one, thinking the analog controls would be less likely to break, but this model is hard to find. In most online stores it as listed as “unavailable” or “out of stock”.
***Beware of these Old Models!*** some places are still selling them
20201 White Analog, no accessories, Blue writing, old model
20301 White Digital, no accessories, Blue writing, old model


Have had the oven for about two months and we like it. It does cook stuff from frozen to cooked without burning the outside. It makes frozen corn-on-the-cob taste awesome. There is a really nice collection of NuWave/FlavorWave recipes at recipezaar if you do a search.

There have been reports of the plastic housing cracking, but that you can get them replaced during the 1-year warranty period if you call. I’d recommend that one not keep the housing tilted in the stand for an extended amount of time. Keep it on the base while storing. I haven’t had any trouble. We haven’t put it away since we got it. I hope it stays that way!


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  1. Thanks for the information, even though I do not need it now, but who knows, maybe I will come back and use this info. later.

  2. Thanks Gina,

    I was wondering what the difference was, there are so many different numbers out there. I appreciate you doing all the legwork.

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