Learn how to cook a Pizza with the NuWave Oven Pizza Flipper

NuWave Oven

You can cook a pizza in the NuWave oven by using our convenient Pizza Flipper! Perfect Pizza Every Time! Pizza the Easy Way!

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nuwave oven reviews
  1. 651790 says:

    The pizza flipper is perfect for making awesome pizza in the NuWave oven. Didn’t have to wait for my oven to preheat, just stuck the pizza in the NuWave, used my pizza flipper to turn the pizza after 20 min and 4 min later I was eating!

  2. dcorspw says:

    Is this from the instructional DVD?

  3. dkthemovie says:

    that pizza looks goooood

  4. no1linknparkfan says:

    Thats the goddamn magic bullet at the end

  5. glassjaw00 says:

    wait, i’m lost…
    so what if you make a fresh pizza?
    how are you supposed to place it face down?
    or is the pizza flipper strictly for shit frozen pizza you get from the supermarket?

  6. berighteous says:


  7. fucniggaz1 says:

    1:12 is a nuwave twister but it is a magic bullet

  8. CapnDingo says:

    Gotta love false dramatizations. I make pizza in a regular baking pan and it’s absolutely delicious.

  9. TheKGB says:

    I will stick with my Pizzazzz

  10. supacoqui says:

    I though it was a dolphin pizza

  11. sevendeadly69 says:

    haha pizza flipper

  12. gamemaster1557 says:

    what is this sorcery

  13. driverx241 says:

    Why am I flipping a pizza?

  14. HoneyNVinegar says:

    This is the stupidest, most useless product. I cook homemade pizza all the time using an old pan and oven.Good lord.

  15. CronicXImpulse says:

    whata the point lol i get the same thing in ma oveeenenen

  16. 7839199 says:

    who would flipping a pizza???

  17. innovationwman says:

    Because the heat comes from the top of the oven, when making pizza in the NuWave, you would start with it upside down to have your pizza crispy on the bottom. Fans have asked for years how to make a pizza in the NuWave and we found a way and it turns out great :-) When making pizza in the NuWave you are not heating your kitchen like you would in a regular oven.

  18. mverobeach1 says:

    Where would one store this contraption? All it does is makes pizza and has so many steps that you might as well just get delivery. The last product comes in a beautiful gift box? It looks like just an ordinary box any gadget would come in. These products are useless.

  19. innovationwman says:

    There are a lot of different things you can do with the pizza flipper and silicone liner than just making pizza:
    use the flipper for pizza, quesadillas, sandwiches, texas toast, frozen bread sticks
    use the silicone liner in place of foil, easy clean up on liner pan, place foods that could fall through the rack like vegetables, brown hamburger meat, use it for your left overs, the list goes on and on.

  20. TheKittywilson says:

    too bad there is no cheesy music in the background :(

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