Making Cherry Turnovers, Ninja vs. Nuwave! Who Wins?

NuWave Oven

Want a Nuwave? Click here! Want a Ninja? Click here! Here we are having a little fun. We decided to make some t…

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nuwave oven reviews
  1. redhenful says:

    Thanks for making these videos! I looove my nuwave… and am thinking about getting a ninja..

  2. alor1223 says:

    Thank you so much! I bought the ninja because of you guys great vids

  3. mitch cox says:

    WOW!! Ninja needs to start paying us. ha.. Thanks for the kind words. Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you will be alerted when we upload new videos. More recipes and fun stuff coming soon. It’s free to subscribe, unless you want to send us money. Just kidding, We are just glad people are enjoying what we do.

  4. mitch cox says:

    You are welcome. We LOVE that people are enjoying our videos. Yes, the Nuwave rocks! Between that and the Ninja, we rarely use our traditional stove or oven any more. Please subscribe to our channel, more recipes and fun stuff coming soon.

  5. Poiqtube says:

    It looks like the ones in the ninja puffed up more and were bigger. ?

  6. valkour22 says:

    which is better over all Nuwave or Ninja?

  7. mitch cox says:

    Both are good for different reasons. The Nuwave is like having a mini convection oven, so things brown well and cook fast in there. We use it a lot for reheating things instead of the microwave. The ninja is like an oven, stove, crock pot all in one. so its pretty versatile. It doesn’t have a heating element in the lid so it doesn’t brown things like the Nuwave does. Cooking biscuits, pizza, burritos, etc work better. Both are very good. If either broke we would run out and get another.

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