nuwave Oven- nuwave Cooking Club with Chef Jennifer- Recipe : Vegetarian Quesadilla

NuWave Oven

To get more information about nuwave Cooking Club; click here: Nu Wave Oven is offering nuwave Cooking Club to nuwave owners to interact with Nuwave’s own Executive Chef Jennifer Dawes who will answer all your worries about cooking. Chef Jennifer has won numerous World competitions and she is here to share with nuwave owners with cooking tips, Chef Jennifer’s own recipes, tricks and many more to help you become a chef of your own right in your own kitchen. To find more information about nuwave Cooking Club and Chef Jennifer Dawes, click here: or e-mail Chef Jennifer your recipes or your comments at

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nuwave oven reviews
  1. ilikethewok says:

    Looks really appetizing!! Thx for the vegetarian receipe.

  2. Newmicon says:

    Simple enough even I can do it. Although needs some chicken!

  3. RicePudden says:

    Oh, ordered the nuwave waiting for it to come in.. That looked sooo good if i would do this on this stove it would take longer for one and when I cook in a pan I tend to butter the pan to much.. So yay can’t wait already thinking of things I want to make..

  4. ANNIEALBA says:

    I just got mine this week and I made 2 london broils in it. I marinated them for an hour in the fridge first in LaChoy soy sauce sprinkled with garlic powder and Mcormick Grill mates montreal steak seasoning. Cooked for 9 min on each side (I like mine a little rare – so 11 min on each side may be better for everyone else). Came out sooo good and juicy. I couldn’t believe it only took 18min!, and clean up was a breeze!

  5. Mr & Mrs Dennis Flanders says:

    We just received our Nuwave Cooking System. It looks great! Do we have to register with the club?

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