Is Big Boss Grill or Nuwave Oven worth buying ?

As Seen on TV product opinions needed:

I was thinking of buying the big boss grill and wondering if anyone else has purchased this item. I’ve seen the infomercial on tv and it looks like something I want to buy but wanted to hear from others first.

I am also interested in buying nuwave oven, is this a good product ?

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  1. NuWave Oven Pro – Review this New Infrared Oven for Cooking Healthy Recipes Fast. Nu-Wave
    Cook healthy meals fast with NuWave Oven Pro, the quickest and healthiest way to go from frozen to feast for your entire family! NuWave Oven Pro’s quick cooking times aren’t based on the opinions of testers – this counter top oven was scientifically engineered with a powerful and efficient triple cooking combo that combines conduction, convection and infrared heating to reduce cooking time up to 200%! Simply place your meal in the Nu-Wave Oven, close the heat-trap dome, set the timer and touch ‘n go and in minutes you’ll be serving fresh, scintillating gourmet meals. With the included non-stick tray and one-to-four inch adjustable cooking rack you can broil, grill, barbecue, steam, dehydrate and even air fry food in your NewWave Oven at a fraction of the cost of other bulky appliances – the NuWave Infrared Oven uses 85% less energy!

    This gold-metal winning countertop Neuwave oven has earned the Cooking Club of America’s Seal of Approval for quick cook times and delicious and healthy foods. As seen on TV, the fast NuWave Oven cooks out and collects 125% more fat drippings and even comes with a recipe book pack with heart-healthy and waist-trimming meals. Does the NuWave Oven Really Work? Listen to this review from mother-of-four Gail Choate: “Last night I made a whole chicken and my son said it’s the best chicken he ever had!.” Planning on shopping for new kitchen appliances? Forget it! The NuWave Infrared Oven Pro is your all-in-one cooking solutions. This is the same NueWave Oven Pro as seen on the TV commercial/infomercial with Joe Fowler and Heidi Bohay. Plus, as FREE Bonuses you’ll aslo get 2 Twister Blenders, an Instructional DVD, a Pizza Flipper, and a 25 Gourmet Recipe Card Set! Stop wasting your time and cook your busy family healthy meals before they’re out the door. So get the Official NuWave Oven and recieve all the FREE Bonuses

    The Big Boss Grill™ can do the work of six other individual cooking appliances. This is because with this Big Boss Grill you can griddle, waffle, make sandwiches, donuts, grill burgers, and cook bacon and eggs, among others. Why buy six different appliances when you can get it all in one? It’s cheaper, more convenient, and easier to use, too. The secret behind Big Boss Grill’s success, says host Vicki Lawrence, lies in its six interchangeable plates. Each plate performs a different function, and each function is performed within just minutes. Take a look at customer reviews that have been fully appreciative of the fact that with the Big Boss Grill, you can make daily food like hamburgers or turkey burgers within just five minutes. The Big Boss Grill has a dual cooking service which makes everything fast, whether you are cooking waffles, bacon and eggs, donuts, and the like. Both sides are cooked simultaneously, and the end product shows they are evenly cooked on both sides. A further review of its features reveal an easy non-stick surface, so it’s easy to get food in and out with minimal effort and no mess. This electric grill is compact and sits well on your countertop, occupying minimal space. It is an amazing kitchen companion. Try the Official Big Boss Grill™ from Host Vicki Lawrence and Get a Storage Rack, Recipe Book, and Chopper as FREE Bonuses!

  2. It is the most use equipment in my home kitchen. My wife and I love it. All can be done in short time and easy without worrying about bad fats and unhealthy trims.
    One problem is the Nuwave Plastic Dome. It is the second time that we have to replace it. All will be better if this “Dome” was tougher.

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