nuwave Oven Supreme Pizza Kit! Delicious Everytime!

NuWave Oven

nuwave Supreme Pizza Kit is so easy to use. Pizza baked in the nuwave Oven comes out perfect every time, so the only thing left to do is to ENJOY! Just Grip, Flip and serve! nuwave Supreme Pizza kit includes: The nuwave Pizza Flipper, nuwave Pizza Server, nuwave Pizza Silicone Liner and…

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  1. ctrob says:

    Believe it or not, this was really helpful..I got this stuff in the box with my oven and didn’t know exactly what the silicone tray was for. There is no mention of it on their website, nor is their any instructions about it in the box. Thanks a lot…this helped a bunch.

  2. ANTHONYGHAN09 says:


  3. gamergirl559 says:

    lolz thats for old cheesy people :)

  4. berighteous says:

    why would you FLIP a pizza?

  5. ANNIEALBA says:

    I didnt get any instructions on the pizza kit either. I did see that you put the pizza upside down in it first to brown the crust and then flip it over onto the rack and cook the top, I think that was on the dvd I got.

  6. dmanewas says:

    thats stupid

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